Dierks Bentley proves that it doesn't have to be July 4 for us to appreciate America and all of its glory. In his new video for his hit song 'Home,' Bentley tips a hat to our great country with a a simple but beautiful montage of pictures that display different aspects of the vast land and all of its unique people.

When the video opens, Bentley is seen laying low with his guitar in a field at night, fireworks lighting up the sky behind him as he plays his latest single. But he's not playing just any song -- he's singing a tribute to his motherland, and amidst the sparkling fireworks clips of the Grand Canyon, the site of the World Trade Center, kids saying the pledge in class, Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech, a shuttle launch and tearful military faces fill the sky in rotation.

The video is much deeper than its visuals, and explains that despite America's issues, it's the place we call home and that we're all under the same dark sky each night. We were especially touched as Bentley sings, "We're not the same but that's what makes us strong," never cracking his signature smile to keep the focus on the idea of 'Home.'

The video shows many faces of many different Americans, because Bentley wanted to express how "home means so many things to so many different people." He adds, "For my Dad, who fought in World War II, it means one thing and for my daughter, it means something as simple as playing in the park with her friends. For this video, we wanted to incorporate iconic images of America, but also capture the spirit of our country and the things that make it great."

Watch the Dierks Bentley 'Home' Video