Dierks Bentley was a part of the week-long celebration of Pink Floyd on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.' Bentley performed on the program this morning, offering his unique and downright beautiful take on the classic, melancholic song 'Wish You Were Here.'

For his version, Bentley employed a fiddle player, which added an extra layer of emotional heft, while his acoustic guitar gently wept. The classic song translated well across genres, which is always a testament to solid songwriting.

Bentley didn't shy away from utilizing his strengths when handling the song. He injected it with a healthy dose of country twang without ever compromising the mode or the tone of the original. Bentley effectively turned 'Wish You Were Here' into a song appropriate for just about any watering hole down south.

The dark purple lighting cast an obscuring haze over the stage, further adding to the maudlin vibe and enhancing the low rumble of the song. Bentley did the song justice with his so-pretty-it-hurts rendering.

The Boot reports that Bentley actually cut a version of the song in the studio this week which will be included on a forthcoming tribute album celebrating Pink Floyd. The set will feature recorded covers by the rock artists that performed the band's songs on the show this week. So if you dig what Bentley did with 'Wish You Were Here,' you will be able to enjoy it again down the road.

Watch Dierks Bentley Perform 'Wish You Were Here' on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'