Dierks Bentley, 38, has experienced almost four decades of New Year's resolutions, and this year, his goals span the most important things in life: family, music and being present.

The singer and father of three recently opened up about his 2014 resolutions, and not only do they sound doable (as opposed to fad diets and impossible feats), they're also really heartwarming.

“Just to be really present wherever I am,” he says (quote via GAC). “From hanging out with my girls and boy, really spending time with them and having fun with family, and certainly being on the road with the guys in the band and the show, just being totally present in that moment and making it as good as can be.”

Speaking of living in the moment, the 'I Hold On' singer normally rings in each New Year with his annual Polar Bear Plunge – jumping into a freezing cold lake, but the past few years, including last year's hilarious plunge, he's been in warmer climates.

This year, he filled a kiddie pool with (literally) ice-cold water and sat down in the frigid water. “No lake today; had to improvise,” he tweeted.

Along with making really great memories, Bentley will be able to hit the road with his band, following through on his resolution as he's set to headline one of four nights at Tropical Nights: Boots in the Sand in February.

If his family is able to come along, he'd be able to conquer his entire New Year's resolution while basking in the sun in Riviera Maya -- with no ice-cold kiddie pools in sight.