Dierks Bentley must really love Ellen DeGeneres -- the singer admits that instead of attending the Super Bowl with his band, he decided to head to Burbank, California to play his new single on 'Ellen.'

"We had six tickets, we were all gonna go," Bentley tells the comedian of how he ended up on her show. "We were like, 'Man, we wanted to be here at the show. This was more important to us."

Bentley gushed over DeGeneres, saying she was the reason he made the choice to play 'Say You Do' on her stage.

The talk show host introduced the country singer by reminding everyone that he's up for a Grammy Award for Country Album of the Year for 'Riser,' which includes this latest hit. The bright blue performance wall opened up to reveal the country star with his full band, stationed in front of a solemn backdrop of barren trees. Bentley began his emotional tune as the band began to play, quietly at first. The song is low-key and tugs at your heartstrings, so the stripped-down performance allowed Bentley's vocals and rough edges to shine through.

When he finished, the crowd stood and cheered. Was it worth missing the Super Bowl? We think so.

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