Every New Year's Day, Dierks Bentley and some of his closest friends and band members partake in their annual plunge into the icy waters of Nashville's Percy Priest Lake. Bentley has made a point to document each jump to share with his fans through his social media websites. But following his 2012 jump, the singer was informed of a "corrupted file" which interfered with the filming of the jump.

Bentley, known to never let his fans down, came up with a solution to still deliver an entertaining video for his fans by turning the tables and having the camera guy, Ryan Silver, into the chilly water as a comical punishment for the technical problems that occurred with his own jump.

After setting his fans up for what was about to take place, Bentley and the cameras go shopping for appropriate swimwear for Silver -- a Speedo four sizes smaller than what he normally would wear, an orange tank top, tight green shorts and a yellow swim cap. Bentley then called Silver to say they were doing the jump again, and that he should get down to the lake as soon as possible. Upon his arrival, Bentley unveiled the skimpy clothing to Silver as he took charge of the camera.

A reluctant Silver finally took the plunge into the water on the 30 degree winter day and Bentley later pointed out the original jump on New Year's Day had weather that reached 65 degrees. But Bentley being a team player stripped down to his own swim trunks for the final clip in the video where he did one more jump with Silver to capture it all on film.

Something tells us by Jan. 1, 2013, Silver will have worked all the kinks out with his equipment!

Watch the Dierks Bentley Lake Jump Video