Even though he chose to have his No. 1 party for 'Am I the Only One' at Nashville hot spot Losers, Dierks Bentley was nothing but a winner on Tuesday night (September 27), celebrating his eighth career chart-topping hit. Bentley shared the honors of the afternoon alongside his two co-writers on the tune, Jim Beavers and Jon Randall. 'Am I the Only One' gave Beavers his sixth career chart-topper, but the success was even more sweet for Randall, as it was the first No. 1 hit of his songwriting career.

"It's cool when a nice guy who always puts himself last gets to finish first," Bentley told Taste of Country of Randall's success. "So I've never been more excited about a No. 1 party, just for him. This is the only time Jim and Jon and I have written together, this one song -- so for me to get the chance to give him his first No. 1, it's really, really cool. I'm real excited about that."

Another aspect of the party which had Bentley excited was the location. Losers is a hangout for many locals in Nashville.

"This is the first No. 1 that I've been really excited about the party and the actual location of the party," Bentley notes. "[In the song], we wrote 'I was flying solo / Down at Silverado's / The joint looking like a morgue.' Anyone who's lived in Nashville as long as I have knows what Silverado's is -- it's the one bar that used to be opened on Sundays. I was really excited to have the No. 1 party at Silverado's ... just have it be a crazy No. 1 party, but Silverado's is closed. I wanted to have it there, but this is a great spot and is easy for everyone to get to. I don't get to come here as often as I'd like because I'm on the road, so it was good second choice."

Following a flurry of media interviews, Bentley, Beavers and Randall mingled with their guests in attendance, all while enjoying complimentary Bud Light and munching on pork sliders, pickled okra, nachos and stuffed jalapenos.

In addition to their wall plaques and trophies, those responsible for making 'Am I the Only One' a No. 1 smash all received individual and personalized bottles of patron to commemorate the occasion.

"I can't think of two better guys to share it with, honestly," Randall said of the song's success and the collaboration between Beavers, Bentley and himself. "It wasn't like some random co-write; it was with friends, which makes it even sweeter."

In addition to serving as a co-writer on 'Am I the Only One,' Randall is also stepping up to the plate wearing a producer's cap on Bentley's forthcoming album, slated for release in early 2012. Randall also produced Bentley's previous album, his bluegrass infused collection of songs 'Up on the Ridge.'

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