Last week, PEOPLE issued their latest Country Special edition, featuring dozens of country music's hottest guys. Of those who made the list is the always sexy Dierks Bentley -- but when it comes to his opinion on his look, the 36-year-old father of two sees it quite differently.

"I used to think I looked sexy onstage," he tells PEOPLE. "You're singing and there's that vibe happening in the room ... then you walk offstage and look in a mirror, and you're all red and sweaty ... you realize you look disgusting!"

On those rare days when he does wake up in his own bed at home, Bentley says his 2-year-old daughter, Evie, loves to play stylist with her superstar daddy.

"When I'm at home, Evie likes to pick out my clothes," he says. "She'll grab a pair of blue jeans that I haven't worn in forever and should have given away already, and a red T-shirt that's way too big. I can't imagine what I look like when I walk out the door, but I don't care."

Bentley is gearing up to have yet another busy summer as he prepares to release his next album in August. His current single, 'Am I the Only One,' is at radio now.