This is an easy one for longtime fans of the Dixie Chicks, as all three women share the same tattoo of these tiny chick foot prints. Maines also has a another work of body art on the right ankle that is said to be a picture of the Earth with the Latin word for "peace" scrolled around it.

A third tattoo is visible on the singer's back, just below her neckline. It's a star wrapped in a banner with two words on it. Her husband, Adrian Pasdar, has a tattoo of an anchor with the couple's two children's names (Jackson Slade and Beckett Finn) written in ink on his left shoulder.

For the most part, the Dixie Chicks trio have remained quiet since releasing 'Taking the Long Way' in 2006, but Emily Robison and Martie Maguire have recently been active recording music as the Courtyard Hounds. Late last year, Robison said she hopes for a reunion one day, but other obligations have kept them on hiatus.