The Dixie Chicks will have new music in stores in time for the holidays. Well, the all-female trio will share old music repackaged in a new way. Their VH1 'Storytellers' performance from 2006 will be released on DVD and Blu Ray on November 29.

The live performance special was the grand finale of promotional efforts surrounding 'Taking the Long Way,' their comeback album after the 2003 controversy that got them banned at many country radio stations. Songs like 'Not Ready to Make Nice' from the album are included, as are hits like 'Truth No. 2' and 'Cowboy Take Me Away.'

Between performances, Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Robinson share personal anecdotes about the recording and meaning of many of the songs. The release also includes three tracks that were not included on the original VH1 special; 'Lullaby,' 'Easy Silence' and 'So Hard' were cut from the original. Watch the trailer below and pre-order the project at the Dixie Chicks official website.

Dixie Chicks 'Storytellers' Track Listing

1. 'The Long Way Around'
2. 'Truth No. 2'
3. 'Silent House'
4. 'Cowboy Take Me Away'
5. 'Lullaby'
6. 'Lubbock or Leave it'
7. 'Not Ready to Make Nice'
8. 'Easy Silence'
9. 'So Hard'
10. 'Wide Open Spaces'
11. 'Sin Wagon'

Watch the Dixie Chicks 'Storytellers' DVD Trailer