In this gallery of Dolly Parton pictures, fans can view some of the best outfits the 'Backwoods Barbie' has worn over the years. Parton is known for her wacky, fun-loving but also sweet demeanor, so it is really no wonder that she chooses some of the outfits she wears. Nowadays, Parton tends to keep it on the classier side, wearing silk white pantsuits or long, flowing evening gowns. In the past, country's most famous blond liked to dress sexier, wearing low-cut tops and short skirts. Even though she has toned down her sex appeal a lot, she still makes sure to show off her legendary curves in every outfit she wears. With her 65th birthday right around the corner, we think Parton is looking as fabulous as ever. Take a look at these Dolly Parton pictures from over the years and tell us which outfit you think she looks best in.