It's been 20 years since Dolly Parton had a big hit song on the radio, and she's noticed. The legendary singer tells American Songwriter the she made an effort to choose more contemporary arrangements on her most recent album, 'Better Day,' because Parton hasn't given up on pursuing a Top 10 or even higher hit.

"Some of the songs are more mainstream," Parton says of her album. "We try to get on the radio and that’s hard for some older artists. You really have to (record) what they play these days. Some of these songs I wrote a few years ago, so they aren’t all that modern."

Parton wrote all of the songs on the album, with the exception of 'Country Is as Country Does,' which she wrote with Mac Davis. "We had great fun writing that, and I think that’s another potential single later on," she adds. The first single from 'Better Days' was 'Together You and I,' and despite positive reviews, the song has yet to make a significant impact on radio.

In the meantime, the legendary singer will continue bringing her hits new and old to fans worldwide. She tells 'American Songwriter' that the classics never get old. "They’re fun to play and fans love them. When I tour, there are different faces every night. Everything always stays fresh because of them."