A middle-aged gay couple and their obsession with country legend Dolly Parton was the subject of a recent episode of TLC's 'My Collection Obsession.' The men, Harrell and Patrick, have filled just about every last inch of their 2,500 square foot house with over a million Dolly artifacts. They even thought about breaking up once, but as the singer explains in the clip below, they couldn't decide how to split up their collectibles -- so they worked it out.

"Isn't it amazing that someone could love you that much," Parton says. "I don't get that kind of thinking, but I'm impressed. I couldn't be that devoted." In the video clip, the singer surprises the men by knocking on their door one afternoon. After they work past their emotions, they begin giving Parton a tour of their home. Patrick explains that he was a fan first, and "Dollyfied" Harrell after they began dating. The kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and even the bathtub are filled with Parton treasures, including pictures, albums, outfits and personal letters. "But the mother load's in the basement," Patrick says as he leads Parton downstairs.

"The woman is very rarely speechless, but she was speechless," Harrell says. One of the most unique treasures is a picture of Parton with her rarely photographed husband Carl Dean. The then-young couple are leaning against a car, looking ready for a road trip. Cardboard cutouts, coffee mugs and a pinball machine are just a few of the hundreds of other types of collectibles.

Parton is currently on tour in Europe with shows scheduled in Denmark and Sweden through the weekend.

Watch the Video of Dolly Parton on 'My Collection Obsession'