Dolly Parton wants fans to know that reports stating that she only wears outfits one time are false. Although that story recently went viral on the web, Parton -- who is currently touring behind her just-released album, 'Better Day' -- says they are absolutely not true.

"No, that is not correct. That is not correct," Parton tells Taste of Country. "I have to wear the same outfits. I never wear the same outfit that I wear on a big special -- for example, the dress that I wore at the Kennedy Center or the dress that I wore at the Oscars. Those kind of things, I put in [Dollywood's Chasing Rainbows] Museum."

Even if Dolly wanted to wear a different outfit each day, she tells Taste of Country that, like most women, time constraints limit her chances to shop.

"I have to do so many things. I have so many businesses. I mean, I am working all the time [so] I often wear the same things," she says. "Plus, I am like every other woman, you know, how you get some things and you think your butt looks good in this, or your boobs don't look good in that, or you love these shoes because they make your legs look good. So, no, I do wear things [more than once]. I have my favorites."

Although Parton is now 65, she appears much younger and more vibrant than many women her age. She laughingly likens herself to "an old show dog" that has to endure constant beauty treatments, but she adds that attitude is the most important tool in her beauty arsenal.

"It starts from the inside," she says. "You got to get up in the morning and put some good moisturizer on that soul and on that attitude. If you light that face with some sunshine lotion, I think that makeup will go on just fine and the rest of the face will look just fine."

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