Dolly Parton's video for 'The Sacrifice' combines brand-new backstage and onstage footage with archival shots and videos of the singer as a young gal.

At 65, Dolly still has "it." She dances with the energy of a teenager and fills out her stage costumes, which hug those signature curves that still turn heads. We hope we look this good in our 60s! She is utterly resplendent in her sparkly rhinestone dresses in this new video. Blue, white, red, yellow, you name it; she's got every color of the rainbow in her stage wardrobe.

She also looks darling and fashionable in a capri length jumpsuit her long red nails as she struts across the stage, singing the lyrics to 'The Sacrifice.'

We particularly love the shots of her as a young performer. Her hair was just as big and blonde then as it is now, and she still flashes that megawatt smile. You will be struck by how beautiful Parton is.

But it's not just about the visual or the physical. The song is spiritual in nature, and when Dolly sings the lyrical parts about Jesus, her sincerity shines through.

The current footage of Parton performing is from her recent tour in support of the album 'Better Day,' and she takes viewers on a three-minute history lesson of her past and her present. The vintages images remind us why Parton is a national and country music treasure. The live footage should inspire you to purchase a ticket to one of her shows next time she tours.

Watch the Dolly Parton 'The Sacrifice' Video