Dolly Parton appeared on 'Ellen' this morning to premiere her new song, 'Together You and I,' for the world and to chat with hilarious host Ellen DeGeneres about her makeup habits.

When DeGeneres prodded Parton to share whether she ever goes out without makeup, the famed Tennessee songstress shared her emergency secrets. "Well, I do, but I would never go outside the house." she said with a smile. "Especially when I'm with California with all of the earthquakes, I always try to leave my makeup on at night! I do! And I leave a wig on a lamp post or somewhere nearby in case I have to be rushed out in the street and the news are there. Every day."

Naturally, the crowd was in hysterics -- though putting her face on isn't as time consuming as some might guess. "It's down to a science. I wear the same makeup in the daytime as I do at night, so I just kind of leave it on," Parton clarifed. "I'm pretty quick."

But true to character, DeGeneres had a gift waiting for the notoriously prepped singer, to cut her get ready time down -- a Dolly Parton mask and wig! Parton was understandably delighted, as were we.

Following her funny interview, the country music queen sparkled on the talk show's club-lit stage, and swayed with the beat of her band as she belted 'Together You and I' for a television audience for the first time ever.

The debut of Parton's brand-new album, 'Better Day,' on June 28, will precede a string of summer tour dates.

Watch Dolly Parton Perform 'Together You and I' on 'Ellen'