Dolly Parton invited The Boot to her office in Nashville to talk about her life on the road, among other things. The singer opened up about her perspective on touring, calling herself a "gypsy" that never tires of the nightly grind.

"I love performing," Parton revealed. "Everyone reminds me of someone else." She also considers the fact that her fans plunked down their hard earned cash on a ticket, so she puts them first. She continued, "I know they paid good money to see me, so they must want to be there, so it's my place to make them get their money worth."

But it's not all commerce for Parton. She added, "There is kind of a love fest between an artist and an audience." That's why she loves hopping from town to town. She never tires of performing the same songs -- 'Jolene,' '9 to 5' and her other classics. Parton said, "I love the one nighters and traveling around and seeing a different crowd every night. I don't get sick of singing the songs, since you didn't sing to them to this crowd the night before." Every crowd means a new show, a new performance and a new experience.

With her wardrobe rack behind her, full of red, pink and blue sequined dresses, Parton spoke about her Better Day Tour, which was devised as a way to lift the human spirit. As for why she always look so happy? "Well, that's botox. Other than that, I'm OK," she said with an infectious laugh.

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