Viewers missed an example of Dolly Parton's mischievous nature in a scene cut from the original version of the Coat of Many Colors movie. Experience it during this outtake, exclusive to Taste of Country.

The scene is one of many deleted scenes included in the DVD version of Coat of Many Colors. The DVD will be released on May 3, which — as Parton pointed out earlier this year — is just in time for Mother’s Day. Alyvia Alyn Lind plays young Parton in the movie, and along with Dylan Rowen’s Denver Parton, she stars in this clip.

In the scene, a school bully named Rudy Sanders is challenging the Parton clan to a fight. Parton begins the clip on the ground, acting as if she’s been knocked out cold. Her older brother Denver is distraught, and he starts blubbering apologies before his younger singer opens her eyes with a wide smile.

Coat of Many Colors aired on NBC in December 2015 and was the most-watched broadcast television movie in three years, with over 13 million tuning in. The country legend says it’s more her family’s story than her story.

“I’ve always said I wanted to honor my father and my mother,” Parton says. “I don’t think it just means to obey them, but I think it means to bring honor to their name and who they are. I really wanted to show people the kind of people that I came from.”

Look for deleted scenes and a song Parton wrote called “Mama” on the DVD. Jennifer Nettles plays Parton’s mother, while Ricky Schroder played her father in the film. It’s available at Amazon.

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