The 'Dancing With the Stars' champion and his sister once again team up on this country-tinged pop song from their new album 'Donny and Marie,' in stores now. The Osmonds haven't lost an ounce of the chemistry that made them superstars in the '70s, but this song proves one can't just coast on chemistry. It's a flawless performance of a mediocre song.

Donny and Marie feel somewhat out of touch as they paint a rosey picture with hackneyed country concepts. "I don't read paper / I don't watch the news / I can look out my window / The sky is still blue / We're running on empty / But the glass is half full," Donny sings before Marie answers with, "It hasn't been easy / But we're doing OK / The bills keep on coming / Somehow they're getting paid / I'm counting my blessings / And putting my faith in you."

Is there a more cliche concept than "love will conquer all?" "It's a beautiful life / With you here beside me / I know I can count on you to guide me / And that today / No matter what happens the sun's gonna shine," they sing together during the chorus.

Sonically, the pair is as good as ever, but 'A Beautiful Life' at first feels a tad show tune-like. There's an undeniable energy that is largely wasted on vague and uninspiring dribble. Next time they're hoping to release a country song, they'd be wise to spend a little more time with Nashville's current songwriters for ideas and inspiration.

Listen to Donny and Marie Osmond, 'A Beautiful Live'