'American Idol' has gone country, so why can't 'Dancing With the Stars' do the same? Singer Donny Osmond, who won the ninth season of the reality dance competition back in 2009, said that he thinks Tim McGraw should compete on the show and show 'em what two-stepping is all about.

According to CMT, when asked during a radio interview who would make a good candidate for the wildly popular TV program, Osmond nominated McGraw. He said, "I think Tim McGraw. As a matter of fact, I was at Tim's show the other night, and I got onstage with him, and the crowd was going crazy."

Osmond said that in addition to knowing how to work a crowd, the singer is in good shape and could withstand the physical rigors that come with the show. Osmond continued, "I said, 'You know, Tim's in pretty good shape here. He's got his muscles and the whole bit. I think he should do 'Dancing With the Stars'!' And the place went crazy."

This season's cast is already set, with the likes of Chaz Bono (Cher's son) and Nancy Grace (the talk show pundit) confirmed to appear, but perhaps McGraw can yank on his dancing boots next season? He's already got Osmond campaigning for him, so perhaps McGraw fans could do a Facebook campaign to get him on the show ... provided he actually wants to do it! You never know. Maybe we will see McGraw showing 'em how it's done, country style, on 'DWTS' some time in the future.