Drake White and the Big Fire opened Day 2 of 2016 Country Jam Friday afternoon (June 17) and accomplished more during his 30-minute set than some acts do in an hour.

Kicking off his spirited set with his own foot-stomping version of "Rolling on the River," White could be found spinning in circles with his guitar on his back before he addressed the crowd for the first time.

"What a beautiful day in Colorado! I'm a big fan of the beach," he explained before introducing "Equator," a new song that will be featured on his debut album Spark, out Aug. 19.

The feel-good song brought the beach vibe to the festival grounds with the Rocky Mountains in the distance as White sang of coconuts and margaritas before grabbing a tambourine and running around the stage.

He then prefaced another new song, "Live Some," as one of his favorite tracks on his forthcoming release. A laid back track that urges the listener to "do some laughin', do some fishin', find a little quiet in the noise," White told the audience to live it up.

"I hope you dig it. Thank you for showing up early for our show," he said. "We like to be here in Mile High City."

White said that for him, the West symbolizes freedom, then thanking all of the men and women who serve our country, adding that it's because of them that he can live his dream. Fittingly, his single "Livin' the Dream" followed.

"If you dig this one, tell the world. If you don't, be quiet because I'm trying to make a living here," he joked.

White closed his Country Jam set with the spirited "It Feels Good." A lively harmonica interlude, hand clapped rhythms and the singer's unyielding energy — which had him climbing the stage at the song's end — impressed and heated up the stage before Brad Paisley closes the festival later Friday night.

Country Jam runs through Sunday (June 19) in Grand Junction, Colo.