A 20-year-old driver took out a fence at LeAnn Rimes' home in California today. While the toxicology reports are still out, it appears as though the motorist was under the influence when he plowed through the fence of her residence. The singer was not at home; she was in North Carolina when the incident took place. Well, that's a spot of good news in the middle of this home owner headache!

Perez Hilton reports that an attending sergeant said, "It was a 20-year-old driver, and it appears that he was under the influence but we haven’t gotten toxicology back yet. We’re still confirming and some testing is being done. He was driving on a suspended license. He took out a stop sign at an intersection and then he ran into a light pole and took out one of the residents' fence. There were no injuries."

The reckless driver damaged some other landmarks, as well? Sounds like this guy is irresponsible. At least Rimes and her family were not hurt. This could have been much, much worse. Now it seems like it'll be something the insurance claims adjusters hash out.

Rimes spoke up about the incident on Twitter today: "To address the accident that happened in front of our home this morning, everyone is ok and safe. However, if drunk driving was involved it is terribly sad. My family could have been seriously injured and any situation where someone is drinking and driving should not be taken lightly. Needless to say, it was a very unsettling call to receive this morning. Thank goodness the young driver and everyone at home are ok."