More than just technical skill, a distinctive tone makes a good singer into a great one. Dustin Christensen showed he is overflowing in both components during his audition on The Voice Monday night (Oct. 5). The stylish 35-year-old showed off his gritty, honest vocal style with Tom Waits' "Downtown Train," and blew away all four celebrity coaches, who, by the end, were clamoring to have him on their teams.

Even before he turned his chair, Blake Shelton commented on Christensen’s likeness to Neil Diamond.

“I like it!” Shelton declared to the other coaches. By the time he was finished, all four were impressed.

“He’s a natural,” Pharrell commented.

Shelton wasted no time making comparisons between himself and Christensen to try to win him over.

“We are the same person,” he said. “This is a jeans-and-boots, he’s got a vest, I’m a vester …"

Shelton turned to address the audience and asked who they thought Christensen should pick, and an entire section held up signs with Shelton’s face on them.

“That is weird!” Shelton exclaimed sarcastically, before explaining. “For me to set that up just for you, it’s almost like when a guy asks a girl to marry him and has an airplane write it in the sky. That's how badly I want you on my freaking team."

Shelton’s stunt seemed to make an impression, as Christensen said he had to go with his gut and went with Team Blake for his choice. Watch Christensen wow the coaches with his performance of “Downtown Train” in the clip above.

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