Dustin Lynch's Christmas wish list is looking a little bare. The 'Hell of a Night' singer admits he's a pain to buy for because “I can't ever tell anybody what I want." He may want his face back after one older fan nearly sucked it off during a recent show.

"It was the end of the show," Lynch says, "and I was high-fiving everyone and I see this beautiful older woman, she was in her 60s, at the end of the stage." He planned to plant a kiss on her cheek, figuring the cameras that were following him would love it. He moved in and ... "Yep, yep," she turned her head.

"She turns and I mean just eats my face," he shares.

The woman's husband was standing behind her. "Definitely the oldest woman I ever kissed on the mouth, so we set a record that night for that," Lynch adds.

It seems unlikely he'll be skittish about his next smooch when he takes the stage opening for Luke Bryan in 2015. One of the reasons he chose 'Hell of a Night' as a single was because it's a "Luke Bryan kinda song." The That's My Kind of Night Tour begins on February 10, after Christmas and long after he decides what he wants from friends and family.

“I don’t want anything," Lynch tells Taste of Country Nights. "I don’t need anything. I’m just kind of boring."

In fairness, he may understand the season better than most. Lynch is an uncle now, and says his focus is entirely on his niece and nephew. “It’s fun to watch them open their presents and go crazy over them.”

The singer may not enjoy the receiving, but he does enjoy the giving. He even likes Christmas shopping! Yep, that may have been the real Dustin Lynch you saw battling Black Friday crowds at Walmart on Thanksgiving. He just couldn't stay away.

Sam Alex is the host of Taste of Country Nights radio, a syndicated night show which airs on more than 60 Townsquare Media Group stations nationwide.

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