Fans typically bring CDs or posters (or sometimes body parts) to meet and greets to be signed by their favorite country singer, but a general rule of thumb is that the merch be from that artist. One fan showed up to a Dustin Lynch signing ... and accidentally brought a Luke Bryan CD!

A big country music fan named Josh got lucky enough to score a meeting with the "Where It's At" singer at his show in Albuquerque. The concert was Thursday evening (June 4), and Lynch was opening up for Bryan as part of the Kick the Dust Up tour. Josh decided to have Lynch sign his Where It's At album, but didn't bother to check inside the jewel case before leaving his house.

When Lynch opened Josh's CD case to sign the front cover, he noticed it wasn't his CD in there at all. Instead, Josh had one of Bryan's albums in its place, which was pretty hilarious for all involved. We can only imagine Lynch's reaction when he saw this, but the photo they took may say it all. The country singer is making a sour face and pointing at Bryan's album, while Josh just looks excited to be there! Even though he had the wrong CD in the case, Lynch signed the album art and posed for a photo.

Josh sweetly thanked Lynch on Twitter after the meet and greet, to which the singer responded: "Reba would have been acceptable ... Luke Bryan on the other hand..."

He's a good sport. Lynch will continue out on the road with Bryan on the Kick The Dust Up tour.

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