Dustin Lynch spoke with reporters this week during a No. 1 party for "Mind Reader," and his forthcoming third album was a constant topic of discussion, as was his relationship status. It turns out, the "Seein' Red" singer is single and admits it's something he's "trying to figure out."

"I am single still, I'm not looking to get tied down at all," he told reporters at South in Nashville. "I can't even record an album right now — I'm so busy — so a relationship is not going to happen."

During his time on the road with Luke Bryan, Lynch has discovered that he has fun performing sexy songs, so fans can expect that they'll be included on his album, the follow-up to 2014's Where It's At.

"If I had to put one word on it [the album] right now, it'd be sexy. It's a very sexual album so far," he spills. "With 'Mind Reader,' every line in this song is a flirty line. That's so much fun for me to do on stage. Especially with the big stages we've gotten to play these past few years ... It's just a lot of fun. Maybe that's why I'm leaning that way on songs, because I just have more fun performing those that are more conversational and flirty."

"Mind Reader" and new single "Seein' Red" allow Lynch to flirt with girls in the audience, he admits. As far as his new album goes, however, he hasn't had much time to get into the studio, as he's constantly on the road.

"I'm halfway done with it and I take my time and see how the fall shapes up and selfishly see where country music goes a little more, because it's going everywhere right now," he admits. "I'm just going to take my time."

One song that he does promise will be on the new album is a track called "Small Town Boys," written by Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip, who also co-wrote Lynch's most recent No. 1 song, "Mind Reader."

Lynch concedes: “This next album I’m so fired up about and we’re only halfway done with it. It’s going to be a big, big, moment."

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