Fans got to know a different side of Dustin Lynch on Monday afternoon (Aug. 31) when he took over Taste of Country's Twitter account. The singer answered fan-asked questions for 30-minutes, talking about everything from future family plans and dream duets to what embarrassing music you might find on his playlist. We were all entertained by the questions, and equally as entertained by Lynch's responses.

A few of the things we learned: The cut "Your Plan" off of Lynch's first album means the most to him. If he could have any superpower, it would be to shape shift or fly. He would love to sing on a duet with Reba McEntire. He hasn't ruled out becoming a dad one day, but for right now, Lynch is more than happy being an uncle. And when he has downtime on tour, he prefers to be out on the water.

Lynch also dished what it's really like being out on the road with Luke Bryan. He told one fan that Bryan's faithful followers sure know how to part,y and that the superstar is the coolest guy Lynch has ever met.

The "Hell of a Night" hitmaker also revealed that favorite part about touring is getting to see new places and experience different cultures. Oh, and he ramped up excitement for his own upcoming tour by declaring that there will be no rules and it will be one big party.

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