Dylan Scott’s “Crazy Over Me” doesn’t sneak up on you. The singer’s easy croon demands your attention while his storytelling lingers after the final cymbal brushes fade away.

Quickly Scott recalls singers like James Otto with an effortless baritone that’s both strong an confident. The song is a mix of Tim McGraw and Lee Brice. If there’s criticism to be made, perhaps it’s that it’s too easily comparable to other styles. That usually works for an artist, however, and it should in this case as well.

Listeners will instantly recognize the tone of his story. Scott is a man in charge who finds his girl’s insecurities 100 percent adorable. “She said, 'Honey, do you think I'm smart?' / I said, 'Of course you are / Ain't you lying here in my arms?' / She smiled, 'Well does this shirt make me look fat?' / I kinda leaned back and laughed / And I said, 'Honey, what kind of question is that,'” he sings to begin “Crazy Over Me.”

The chorus reveals the title’s play on words. It’s another great hook from the Louisiana native: “You're crazy / There ain't a girl in this whole wide world that could ever make me / Feel the way I do about you, baby / Yeah, you're crazy / But you can be as crazy as you wanna be / As long as you're crazy over me.”

There’s room on the radio for someone like Scott. His smooth patter is just flat-out easy to listen to, and the romance he brings to “Crazy Over Me” will capture the attention of plenty of female fans.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Crazy Over Me" is smooth and confident. Scott almost dares you not to love it.

Key Lyrics: "But you can be as crazy as you wanna be / As long as you're crazy over me."

Did You Know?: Scott wrote "Crazy Over Me" with his roommate, but it took almost a year to finish despite the pair seeing each other almost every night.

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