Dylan Scott has been a signed artist for six years, but he's just now preparing to release his self-titled debut. The Louisiana native stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio to chat about the journey.

With Scott's debut dropping this Friday (Aug. 12), his wildest dreams are coming true. It's been a long journey but it's something he's wanted since he was a kid.

“I’ve dreamed about this since I was a little boy walking inside of a Wal-Mart," he explains. "I used to see guys up there on the shelf and I’d think, ‘Man that’d be cool if I could be on the shelf one day.’ To put it in perspective, my whole life, and I’ve been with Curb since I was 19. We’ve been recording music over there since I was 19. I’m 25 now. So six years now an album in the making.”

The record includes his single, "My Girl," which he wrote about his now wife and 12 other tracks. The 25-year-old wrote seven of the songs on the album, but he narrowed it down from a whole lot more.

“I lost count. There’s so many songs. I would probably say between 25 to 35 songs. Maybe 40 that had been like songs we’d recorded. Not demos," Scott tells ToC Nights. "It was hard to narrow it down. Obviously some things made their way out over the years. Country music changing and what not. There was some that stuck around and we were like, ‘Man we have to do it.’ It was cool.”

Taste of Country has the exclusive stream of his debut album up now before it drops this Friday. Interested fans can purchase it on ITunes.

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