See that smile on Eddie Montgomery's face? It could be because his doctor just pronounced the Montgomery Gentry singer free of his prostate cancer that was announced last November.

"Mr. Montgomery underwent successful robotic surgery for prostrate cancer in December, reported his doctor Thomas Kirk Slabaughm, Jr, according to the band's official site.  "His cancer was completely excised, and he will not require further treatment for his prostrate cancer in the future."

With that scare, along with a departure from their longtime record label and a divorce, all in Montgomery's rear view mirror, he and his singing buddy Troy Gentry plan to hit the ground running this year.  Last night, Jan. 20, the duo performed at the Grand Ole Opry and are now headed overseas for an eight-day USO tour.

"We couldn't be more excited to start our year with a visit to the Opry and this USO trip to entertain our troops. We understand on a much smaller level what it is like to be away from our families and our homes. If we can bring a little bit of home to our heroes serving overseas, then we're all for it."

Nicely said, and to go on a quick tangent: Another piece of great health news today to go along with it is the absolutely miraculous progress of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who is apparently the biggest bad-a--- you could ever hope to meet.