Anyone from a small town knows that small town folks love to gossip. Arkansas trio Edens Edge took that notion and blended it with their own church-kissed hometown culture to get their clever play-on-words debut single, 'Amen.' Taste of Country caught up with Hannah Blaylock of Edens Edge recently, who co-wrote the song. She opened up about how it came to be -- and spilled that it was inspired by the 1989 Dolly Parton film 'Steel Magnolias.'

"I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that / You finally got rid of that girlfriend / You finally came out of that love coma, boy / I've heard Mary Jane at the powder-puff beauty shop / Sayin' that blond in her tube top / She left our Jimmy for a boy in Illinois / Someone give me an amen, someone give me an amen," Blaylock sings in the lyrics of the opening verse, which really sets the small town scene.

"When we wrote the song, we were just talking about how in Arkansas, there's just that cultural thing where everybody … You know, church is a big part of the south. Period. That culture kind of bleeds into your everyday life. Just like people say 'Bless his or her heart,' you know, as like a response to, 'She's such a stuck up snob, bless her heart!'" Blaylock says with a laugh.

She continues, "People say sayings like that, but in reference, like 'Can I hear an amen, he finally saw the light!' or, 'That cake came out perfect! Hallelujah praise the Lord!' So we were talking about how that's just a big part of where we came from and started thinking about, in particular, if there were any movies to put it parallel to it'd be the movie 'Steel Magnolias.'"

Blaylock reveals that the popular film is actually one of the band's "all-time favorite" movies, and that they wrote 'Amen' about what it would be like to find love in a small town, much like where they came from. "And, how it's not just two people that are falling in love or that are in the process, it's the whole town gossipin' trying to figure out what's going on," she adds. "It's a really cool story and we really love it because it really incorporates who we are and where we come from and what we value -- what's special to us."

Like what you hear from Edens Edge? Better learn the lyrics to this song quick so you can sing along when the trio heads out on tour with Reba, the Band Perry, and -- ironically -- Steel Magnolia this fall!

Watch the Edens Edge 'Amen' Video