Hannah Blaylock from Edens Edge and longtime boyfriend Justin Wakefield got engaged on a romantic sunset-colored Floridian beach in December. And while Blaylock has yet to walk down the aisle to Wakefield and say "I do," she can be seen modeling stunning wedding dresses in a recent bridal photo shoot for Her Nashville, which she posted to her Facebook page.

In the appropriately titled 'Enchanted in Eden' photo feature for the magazine, the gorgeous singer poses in different wedding dresses. With a whimsical, fairy tale aura, the collection of photos feature Blaylock lying on a chaise-like bed in lace beside a birdcage; looking striking in a flowing gown by a candelabra; sporting a birdcage veil and an elegant, short-cut dress with red shoes; holding a braided vine among shattered flower pots and sitting on a giant spool surrounded by taffeta.

Blaylock makes a perfect muse for this collection that seems to weave in the stories of several princesses with Cinderella's spool, Rapunzel's long braid and Sleeping Beauty's bed. Catch a glimpse of all the photos by clicking below, and look for the full feature in the February issue of Her Nashville.