Even if you're not a natural born cook (or baker), it's hard to resist cocoa truffles -- especially when you're preparing them alongside the pretty face of Edens Edge's Hannah Blaylock. The chocolate-haired singer exclusively gives us a literal 'taste of country': a recipe and step-by-step video which shows fans how to create raw cocoa truffles at home. At the end of the video, Edens Edge offer us an additional sweet treat with a living room performance of their hit song 'Amen' and a show at the Opry.

Blaylock claims in the directional video that her recipe, stolen from a friend, is a "healthy" version of a truffle, so we're on board with the whole shebang from the get-go. "What I love about these cocoa truffles is that they have a lot of really cool perks, along with tasting absolutely amazing," Blaylock explains while standing at the kitchen counter.

The recipe is simple (her words), has only five ingredients and is low in sugar -- and even offers some additional antioxidant-packed superfoods like goji berries and coconut. Blaylock promises that her raw cocoa truffles will provide energy, like a cup of coffee without the post-cup crash, for example.

She goes on to show us how to put the ingredients together in her food processor, but really, we were sold at "truffle." For Edens Edge, this healthy snack is perfect for a rehearsal, so Blaylock's bandmates Dean Berner and Cherrill Green are understandably excited when they arrive at her apartment. The trio follow up their chocolate treat with a test-drive performance of their song 'Amen.' Great music never tasted so sweet!

Raw Cocoa Truffles Recipe

1 cup of almond butter
1 cup of raw cocoa powder
1/4 cup of raw cocoa nibs
1/4 cup of sun-dried raw gogi berries (chopped)
Generous amount of agave nectar
Organic coconut flakes (shredded)

1. Add an almond or peanut to the center
2. Use honey instead of agave or maple syrup

Finely chop or combine first four ingredients. Add agave nectar until mixture forms truffle like texture. Mix well and roll mixture into bite-sized ball. and then cover with coconut flakes. Hannah Blaylock usually uses a food processor to grind up ingredients.

Watch Hannah Blaylock of Edens Edge Teach Us How to Make Raw Cocoa Truffles