Eli Young Band have linked up with pop star Andy Grammer to create a country duet of Grammer's hit pop song "Honey, I'm Good," a pairing the group shares with Taste of Country was one made in country-pop-crossover heaven.

"We were passing each other on our private jets, and we stuck our hands out the window and smack-fived, and I thought, you know what, that's a good guy," Grammer jokes of first meeting EYB.

So maybe the story of how the two acts came together isn't quite that hilarious to picture, but don't let that take away from the magic of the song. The Texas foursome have played shows with Grammer before, so both parties were already familiar with the other's sound, Mike Eli dishes. And with both sides eager to create a crossover single and Grammer's standing success with the song, it was a natural progression.

"'Honey, I'm Good' was already doing so well on the charts at the point when this idea came about," Eli continues. "We were already in love with the song before that, so when they called and presented the idea to us and Andy, we were all in."

Grammer took "Honey, I'm Good" to the No. 1 spot on A/C radio, but it was clear long before that the song contains some country elements.

"I love songs and I love to tell stories," Grammer says, "and so a lot of times if you really want a good story you got to flip the radio dial over to country."

"I think this is the most country song we've released in the last three singles," Eli cracks with a smile. "When I heard it I just don't hear a pop song, but to me I guess I'm just a song listener. This song was originally a country song."

Not being the primary artist on a single takes off a lot of pressure from EYB, though playing the tune at shows and getting a positive reaction from the fans makes the song feel less like a cover and more like a duet. By connecting it to their fanbase, Eli Young Band have become attached to it, so it feels like one of their own.

"It's automatically already good," adds Jon Jones of EYB. "It's like a lot of the work has already been done for us."

Grammer feels the same way. Having his pop song reflected onto a new audience and seeing their happiness is what making music is all about for him, and being a writer on a duet that is not solely his adds to his songwriting resume.

"That's what special about being a songwriter," Jones insists. "You want other people to take ownership of your music and make it their own."

The song — a modern "Cotton-Eyed Joe" — has taken off since its release in July, and there's even talk of a dance-off with the Houston Texas cheerleaders. The girls have made up a line dance to it, and they've challenged EYB and Grammer to follow suit and record themselves doing the dance.

"There's a certain amount that kind of dancing you certainly don't wanna see five ugly dudes doin'," Eli relates, as the rest of the group nods in agreement. "But we'll do it, it just won't be very polished."

Stay tuned for that video!

Listen to Andy Grammer feat. Eli Young Band, "Honey, I'm Good"

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