The Eli Young Band boys are riding a major wave of success as of late. After scoring their first No. 1 hit when single 'Crazy Girl' climbed to the top of the charts, the foursome started to see some forward momentum. And it doesn't sound like the band has plans to slow down any time soon.

Frontman Mike Eli says he can feel the momentum building. “I think we get a lot less sleep these days, which is fine by us," he says (quote courtesy of Republic Nashville). "You know we've been working hard for a long time and I think we always felt good about our career and felt good about where we were going. But now it's like the good things just keep coming and they keep coming.”

He's right. At last week's ACM Awards (April 1), the band snagged the crown for Song of the Year. Plus, they are still traveling the country and opening for Dierks Bentley's Country and Cold Cans Tour. Despite a busy touring schedule, the foursome still works hard to promote their new single, 'Even if It Breaks Your Heart.'

“We'd be really foolish to think that things start snowballing on their own at this point,” says bass guitarist Jon Jones in the same statement. “This [opens] doors for us to work harder ... and [provides] more opportunities for us to take advantage of. But we definitely aren't fooling ourselves to think that now something's on auto pilot.”

It sounds like EYB is ready to make taking over the country charts a regular occurrence -- even if it means losing a few nights' sleep.