Mike Eli and his Eli Young Band mates are creating lifelong memories, thanks to the selfless actions of their fans!

During the country foursome's concert at RodeoHouston on March 5, Eli sauntered off the stage to say a quick hello to the crowd. When he reached the front row where Michael Pfeifer was sitting, the quick-thinking fan put his arm around him and snapped a pic with his phone.

Then, Pfeifer did something cool. He spotted an 8-year-old boy staring adoringly up at Eli, and even though he didn't know this lucky fan, he picked him up and planted him right in front of the singer. Eli leaned down and sang the rest of the song directly to the little boy while Pfeifer snapped an amazing photo:

And here's the really great part -- as it turns out, that 8-year-old boy is Aiden, who is deaf, but has a cochlear implant that allows him to hear out of one ear. Aiden's stepfather, Brent Tucker, says that Pfeifer's selfless act created a lifelong memory for his stepson.

"That made a memory for him that he’ll have for the rest of his life," Tucker says.

The magical moment was not lost on Eli, who is a new dad himself. The EYB frontman posted the pic on the band's Facebook page, including the caption, "Aiden almost brought me to tears. I can't even explain how special this moment was to me!"

The beauty isn't lost on us, either.