Ellen DeGeneres sent her staff from The Ellen Degeneres Show to the CMA Awards last week and had them test out a new game she calls Wrecking Ball with the artists on the red carpet. Luke Bryan gave the game his best go, wrapping a contraption around his waist in an attempt to hit a ball and make it roll. Both to DeGeneres and Bryan's surprise, he did quite well.

"He played very well," DeGeneres says. "He actually did better than he thought he would do."

Adds the host, "So I said keep it on the whole night. I thought he was joking, he said he would. Apparently he was not. In fact, I think he started a trend."

The cameras then show Bryan wearing it during his performance of "Strip It Down" as Justin Timberlake looks on in disgust. A close-up of Jason Aldean's performance also shows him wearing the wrecking balls while he sings, as well as Little Big Town's Jimi Westbrook for the band's tender ballad "Girl Crush."

While the country world has seen many fashion trends come and go through the years, Ellen's Wrecking Balls probably take the cake. All jokes aside, the host sure knows how to liven up the red carpet at an awards show.

"You're welcome, America," she concludes.

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