Emmylou Harris touches the spirit of curious new life and the weariness of tired old life in her new video, 'Goodnight Old World,' the singer's first single since 2008.

'Goodnight Old World' is hauntingly beautiful, a spooky lullaby co-written with Will Jennings for Harris' newborn grandson. Harris' soft vocals line up effortlessly with the light strumming of the guitar, though the lyrics reveal that the words come from a dark place -- not a typical bedtime song.

In the video, Harris is shown recording the single in an old, dark building, and the shots alternate from sepia to black and white, which sets a heavy mood. There are instruments being played by blurry band members, and a sense of loneliness, as we only see Harris in a clear picture. The 'Goodnight Old World' video appears as a bonus on the deluxe edition of the alt-country singer's forthcoming album.

Harris' new album, 'Hard Bargain,' will mark 21 studio albums for the legend. It is set to be released on April 26, and features 13 tracks, including 11 new songs.

Watch the Emmylou Harris 'Goodnight Old World' Video