Eric Church admits that the average viewer might not fully understand the new music video for 'Creepin',' the latest single from his 'Chief' album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer explains how the train is a metaphor for the memory the vid's leading male has of his ex-lover.

"What you don't know is she's the one feeding the coal that makes this train get crazier and go farther and take him back through all these memories," he says about the video.

Church and his band play a crew of bandits who seem to be robbing a late 19th century freight. "It looks like we're robbing the train but we're stopping the train. The song was supposed to be the thing that saved him and stops this process from happening. That's what we're doing by standing in front of it and then the guy wakes up at the end."

The clip is captivating, as Church and the director create an art-house, independent film-style video that separates itself from others found on country music video channels. The video premiered on on Friday.

"If we were doing what we do 100 years ago, this is what we'd look like," Church says of the sweaty, gritty look of the finished video, which was filmed during a steamy Chatanooga, Tenn. afternoon and evening. "We had to go in a tunnel because it was dark. We weren't on a moving train  – we pulled the train in the tunnel and stopped it where air wasn't circulating. We were just near death, dripping. It gives it a gritty effect I like."

Watch Eric Church 'Creepin'' Video