Country singer Eric Church is a bit of a rebel on stage and in his music. But with impending fatherhood and a brand-new baby on the horizon, the singer is a wee bit nervous -- and not about things like changing diapers or cradling a newborn properly!

In a chat with WYCD, Church, who had said he'd never get married or have kids, admits, "I am freaking out. I am nervous. This child is going to depend on me for guidance. I'm waiting for the day when he pulls 'Smoke a Little Smoke Up' on his iPod, and my live show is a little rowdy. It's going to be fun, though. Whether it's a boy or girl, I don't care."

While Church and his wife don't yet know the sex of the baby, he says that they will opt to find out if it's a boy or a girl so his wife can get ahead start on getting clothes in the right color. "My wife is a major planner, so we're going to find out," the singer reveals.

Church, who will be on tour with Toby Keith the rest of the year, may be freaking out over becoming a dad, but he isn't going to let anything disrupt the musical course he is charting. "My music moves the needle," he said. "It's the only kind of music I care to make."

Let's hope his child-to-be enjoys dear old Dad's tunes!