Eric Church has already given the world hit singles like 'Love Your Love the Most' and 'Hell on the Heart,' and his new one, 'Homeboy,' which appears on his forthcoming album. With the new record, titled 'Chief,' Church will follow suit and offer a whole new list of songs for country fans to rock along to.

'Chief' -- also the nickname of Church's grandfather -- was made with the singer's concerts in mind. "When it's show time, I put on the sunglasses and the hat, and that's how people know it's game time," he tells The Boot. "This album was made from a live place; we recorded it with the live show in mind, so it just seemed right to make that the title."

'Chief' follows Church's country debut, the 2006 album 'Sinners Like Me,' and 2009's 'Carolina,' which churned his first two Top 10 hit singles.

With his third, the singer says he knows he's got to make a lasting impression. "I have a theory that all [artists] only get a small window of time to make records when people will really listen and care," he admits. "It's up to us to move the needle. People like Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks and George Strait, they all took the format and said, 'We're going over here.'"

He adds, "They each changed the direction of the music a little bit, helping to make it what it is today." So far, we've only gotten to wet our lips with 'Homeboy,' but we have a feeling Church will make a big splash with 'Chief' when it drops on July 26.

'Chief' Track List:

1. 'Creepin'
2. 'Drink In My Hand'
3. 'Keep On'
4. 'Like Jesus Does'
5. 'Hungover & Hard Up'
6. 'Homeboy'
7. 'Country Music Jesus'
8. 'Jack Daniels'
9. 'Springsteen'
10. 'I'm Gettin' Stoned'
11. 'Over When It's Over'

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