It's official: Faith Hill is back. The legendary country songstress has just released her first music video in five years. The break must have treated her well, because this four-minute clip is one that will tug on your 'American Heart' strings.

'American Heart' kicks off with a series of short interviews with a group of kids. All of them are talking about what being an American means to them.

"We're different on the outside, but we're the same on the inside" is the big takeaway message from the video -- and you get that before the music even starts.

The five-time Grammy Award-winning country star shares the limelight with 10-year-old T.J. Jones in the 'American Heart' video, as they put together a choreographed number that's worthy of a Broadway stage. At various points of the song, Hill steps back to let T.J. show off his break dancing moves.

Featuring a well-lit American flag in the shape of a heart, the video captures the undercurrent of American patriotism that runs from state to state.

"This video was the perfect combination of hard work, creative energy and fun," Hill told "Everybody had one goal -- to make 'American Heart' the best video that it could be."

Mission accomplished. Hill and Jones play off each other well, taking time to high-five and laugh at each other throughout the video. Snippets of palm trees and a big blue Texas sky alternate across the screen from time to time in order to tie in the lyrics about the beauty of specific states. And, as always, Hill looks smashing throughout the entire video.

This is just the beginning of the 'Come Home' hitmaker's grand return to making country music regularly. In 2013, she'll release 'Illusion' -- an album that will commemorate the two decades she spent on the charts. Sounds like the 'American Heart' video is just a taste of what's to come.