Faith Hill is featured in the February 2012 issue of fashion and beauty magazine InStyle, dispensing beauty tips and recalling her beloved, choppy bob, which she sported all the way back in 2001.

While Hill is best known for her voluminous waves, she did look smashing and sophisticated when sporting a chin-length, stick straight bob in a much whiter shade of blonde. Not everyone shared her enthusiasm for the short cut, though!

"I got crucified for that bob, but I loved it," Hill tells InStyle (quote courtesy of CMT).

Her reason for chopping her locks was the same that so many other celebs lob theirs off: the desire for something new and different. She admits, "I was tired of long hair and wanted a change."

Hill, who would look gorgeous with a green mohawk, says that nowadays she prefers a more golden hue and doesn't shy away from the fact that she and her tresses don't always get along -- or that she requires a team of stylists to tame those locks!

She jokes, "To this day, I can't even blow dry it myself. I just have the best people working for me." What happens when her stylist has "off" or isn't available and she is left to her own devices? Well, that's when Hill relies on the simple, effective look. "I do a lot of buns," she says about being responsible for her own hair.

Hill's beauty secret is also a common one. Water. And lots of it. She is all about hydration and says she drinks about 90 ounces a day. That's just over 11 glasses, well above the recommended eight. It's obviously serving her well, since she looks stunning at 44.