Faith Hill showed her bad--s side on Wednesday night by taking out a snowman on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ on the rooftop of NBC’s New York City studios. The poor, defenseless Frosty was tackled in one fell swoop by Hill, who thrust her head and body full-force into the snowman, causing him to crumble!

Hill, who was promoting her involvement in the Tide Loads of Hope program, admitted to being a snowman tackling virgin, saying that this was her first time engaging in this wintertime activity. The singer, who is also the voice of NBC’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ theme song, might cause the offensive linemen and quarterbacks she sings about to do a double take thanks to her late night actions!

Dressed in a blindingly bright yellow snowsuit, Hill was joined by actor Paul Giamatti and Fallon, who each tackled their own snowmen, as well.

Giamatti went first, and his take down was enough to earn him an 8.0 score from this writer. Hill’s face-first moves were worth a 9.0 score. But Fallon took the cake and nabbed a 10.0 for the dropkick he landed to his snowman’s unsuspecting head.