This morning, Faith Hill joined the anchors of 'Today' in New York City to discuss her recent endeavors, primarily her efforts to help those in need through the Tide Loads of Hope program.

Tide Loads of Hope was established after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the program works to assist victims of disaster with their laundry needs. Hill was named the official ambassador for the hands-on program last summer, after her and Tim McGraw's benefit concert Nashville Rising assisted in raising money to help those affected by the flooding in Nashville last May.

This morning on 'Today,' Hill was most enthusiastic while discussing the Tide Loads of Hope documentary that was just released. The documentary focuses on the horrific earthquakes that occurred one-year ago today.

The documentary, which is entitled 'Espwa,' chronicles Tide's visit to Haiti after the earthquakes left the country in a state of chaos. The Loads of Hope team arrived in Haiti in August 2010 and proceeded to build laundry facilities at an orphanage and at the University Hospital. Before Tide built the hospital's laundry room, the staff was washing all of their linens for the 700 available beds by hand.

Faith Hill narrates 'Espwa,' which is the Creole word for 'Hope.' The elegant and beautiful country singer said, "I was so impressed just by the practicality and the need of washing clothes after a natural disaster occurs -- something so basic that we all kind of forget about."

Hill continued to talk about the personal meaning Tide has for her as a mother. "I’ve used Tide all my life, my mom still uses Tide and I use it in my home," Hill explained. "I just thought as a mom and a wife and a homemaker, it was such a practical necessity."

After a recent partnership with the American Red Cross, Tide hopes to have the opportunity to expand their mission to more parts of the world affected by natural disaster. To watch the Hill-narrated documentary, click here to visit Tide's Facebook page.