Tim McGraw has been lucky enough to work alongside beautiful Hollywood actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock in recent years. So how does Faith Hill feel about seeing her man snuggling up to these hotties? McGraw tells Charlie and Debbie on WSOC in Nashville that he's never sensed jealously from his equally gorgeous wife.

"She knows none of them are interested in me anyway," McGraw quips in a recent interview with the station.

This weekend, the singer wraps up his Emotional Traffic Tour, but it's not the heat that's forcing him to cut tours short before summer wraps up. He's got daughters set to return to school, including one entering high school this year. "I like the heat though," McGraw says. "The hotter the better."

Fans shouldn't expect to hear new music from the actor/singer just yet. He isn't optimistic that the lawsuit between him and Curb Records would be settled soon. Although he can't speak about the litigation specifically, he does share that an album is finished and ready for his fans to wrap their ears around. "It's a shame that great music is sort of being held hostage, and being kept from the fans," he says.

McGraw and Hill are also rumored to be wrapping up construction on a 15,000 acre island property in the Bahamas. The land sits next to property owned by actor Johnny Depp.