Faith Hill and Tony Bennett keep it simple in their video for the duet 'The Way You Look Tonight' from his 'Duets II' album. The video truly is a marvel of all things simple and classic, just like both vocalists.

Hill and Bennett, who just turned 85, sing their parts in front of old-fashioned microphones, with a piano player in the foreground. Both vocalists are holding sheet music in their hands. It reminds us that this is how music used to be during a long ago era, when the music came first and the image and all the bells and whistles were secondary, if they even existed at all. All the extra window dressing employed to market music? That's not necessary here. That's why the song is so pure and powerful at once, and Hill and Bennett do this standard justice.

Hill, with her hair blown back, looks elegant and chic in a long, black gown with a low cut bodice, while the gentleman that is Bennett is wearing a suit as he croons. They face each other and sing from that deep core within themselves, stirring up a flurry of emotion.

The video is somewhat dark and loungey, and we will feel like we are watching the pair as they record, like voyeurs. As they are singing the final notes, Hill and Bennett clasp hands and dance for a moment. For the briefest of moments, they are like father and daughter.

Watch Faith Hill + Tony Bennett 'The Way You Look Tonight'