Hank Williams Jr. turns 63-years-old today (May 26). Throughout his over 40 year career, the son of country music's greatest singer has created a career his father would be proud of, with a two decade-long stretch of hits and recognition at award shows. Lately he's become the voice of blue collar America, while still writing songs his fans relate to -- even if they don't get much radio airplay.

Which Bocephus hit is your favorite? Included in this readers poll are five he's best known for, including 'A Country Boy Can Survive,' 'Born to Boogie' and 'Family Tradition.' Feel free to choose one of his other 90-plus singles -- 10 of which hit No. 1 -- and add it in the comments section below. To wish Rockin' Randall a happy birthday, leave a message on his Facebook page or find him on Twitter.