Finding Favour touch upon a universal theme in the video for their new single, "Tiny Town," which takes viewers on a wistful trip back to their own family roots.

The song is from the contemporary Christian group's full-length debut album, Reborn, and like "Slip on By," from their previous EP, it has a strong country influence. They come by that sound honestly, lead singer Blake NeeSmith tells Taste of Country.

"We're raised in South Georgia and Texas, so it's just a huge part of us," he says. "Before you had to lock your kids down in seat belts, I remember standing up beside my dad, at about 3 or 4 years old, in the truck. I could stand in the seat and my head not touch the roof, and just riding down the road listening to Diamond Rio, 'Meet in the Middle.' So many different things that are part of our bones; country music is definitely part of who we are today, stylistically."

"Tiny Town" was inspired by NeeSmith's own small-town upbringing.

"I live in Nashville now, and I'm eight hours from my home, and I don't get to go back there much," he relates. "I remember just laying in my bed thinking about my grandfather, and thinking about me as a kid, and one of the first lines that popped out was, 'Those dirt roads are gravel now.' And I just started thinking about the emotion of change, both in my life and the change that was happening in my little small town, and how those memories of who I was and what I did will never leave me. They'll always be a part of me."

The song drives that home particularly in the bridge, which says, "I know that you can't see it on a map / But it's everything that's made me who I am." 

It was definitely something that, when we were on the set, we knew it was gonna be something special.

"That's the heartbeat of that song," NeeSmith says. "'I'm still the kid on that front porch step of the only home that I've ever found.' There's something special about that place you grew up. There's nothing that will ever compare to that place. You love the place you're in now, but there's nothing that will ever take the place of your tiny town."

The video for "Tiny Town" captures that sentiment beautifully in a wistful clip that is premiering exclusively at Taste of Country.

"It's probably our first legit music video," NeeSmith tells us. "We paid good money for it, and it was take after take after take, and this guy was like, 'Give me another one.' And I'm like, 'Was that not good enough?'" he says with a laugh.

"It was definitely something that, when we were on the set, we knew it was gonna be something special. The shots that he was getting, and the moments that we were choosing to grab were really cool. I had a blast."

The clip ends up with a special moment that NeeSmith feels really conveys the emotional intent of the song.

"It captures me and the kid in the video at the end, sitting on the front porch at the same time," he shares. "It's just the symbolism of that little dude being who I was, looking back on everything that's a part of who I am. When we shot that, I knew right away that that was gonna be a strong section of the song. I definitely want people to watch it until the end."

Finding Favour will join the Air 1 Positive Hits Tour with Crowder, Lauren Daigle, NF and 3 For 3 beginning Aug. 27 in Indianapolis, Ind. The group will then join Sanctus Real’s Farewell to a Friend Tour starting Oct. 7 in Iowa Falls, Iowa. Keep up with Finding Favour at their official website, or via Twitter and Facebook.

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