Florida Georgia Line's Florida boy, Brian Kelley, is starting a new venture with his wife, Brittney Marie Cole Kelley. The two are creating Tribe Kelley, a clothing line that will launch this winter.

The Kelleys will be launching their fashion line just in time for the holiday season, and although details are scarce, the couple already have all their social media bases covered, from Twitter to Facebook, and even Instagram. They have an official website in the works, though it's not yet available for public viewing.

The two are both fans of free-spirited, almost hippie-esque clothing, so we're sure to see some of that influence in the line. They refer to it as "a way of life," saying: "Being a part of 'the tribe' encourages uniqueness and individuality in a world of conformity."

Tribe Kelley's newest tweet may allude to what's to come. They write: "crystals, leathers and good energies are in the works" along with their official hashtag, #tribekelley. Only time will tell what they have in store for fans -- but we predict jewelry (after all, Brittney is rarely seen without any), fringe and more from the free-spirited couple!

This news comes after Florida Georgia Line announced their clothing line Can’t Afford Not To, named after their wildly popular hashtag.

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