Florida Georgia Line have proven time and again that they're committed to country music fame, and the fans seem to agree. In fact, the duo is so popular these days that one of their oft-used hashtags has gone viral! So, they're turning it into a clothing line.

That's right -- Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are working with the fashion world. The duo's popular #cantaffordnotto has gotten attention from many, and as Hubbard explains, "That’s just a saying that we’ve all said... B-K and myself and kind of our whole camp and crew… It just became a popular saying among our friends."

Instead of just watching it eventually die out, FGL are putting Can't Afford Not To on clothes tags.

“We’re going to start a website,” says Hubbard. “We’re going to start a clothing line, Can’t Afford Not To. It’s just become a cool thing, one of those sayings that keeps coming up. So we’ll see what happens with it.”

While it's unclear what type of clothing or website FGL plan to launch, their success so far points to the high likelihood that it will be another smash hit for the two singers.

In addition to their entrepreneurial endeavors, the country pair is also working on a new album, which is expected to drop in October. It will be their sophomore, the follow-up to the massively successful debut 'Here's to the Good Times.'